• Designing The Hamptons

    One of the top interior design and decoration firms in the Hamptons

  • Designing The Hamptons

    One of the top interior design and decoration firms in the Hamptons

  • Designing The Hamptons

    One of the top interior design and decoration firms in the Hamptons

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Our work has been featured in numerous publications, including: Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, Hamptons Magazine, The New York Times, the Daily News, the New York Post, Newsday, and on Plum TV, News 12, and the Discovery Channel.

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Jennifer Mabley & Austin Handler are the founders of Mabley Handler Interior Design,

Designing The Hamptons

Jennifer Mabley & Austin Handler are the founders of Mabley Handler Interior Design, one of the top interior design and decoration firms in the Hamptons. Our work has been featured in numerous publications, including: Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, Hamptons Magazine, The New York Times, the Daily News, the New York Post, Newsday, and on Plum TV, News 12, and the Discovery Channel.

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How to choose the best rugs for your upscale Hamptons home?

An upscale house is the most valuable thing that one can ever have in his life. So, if you have a Hampston upscale home, you must try to decorate it with several valuable items so that they may add more value to your home. There are many important elements that can help in increasing the value of your home but you must only choose the elements that are extremely important for the home.

The rugs are considered to be the best thing for adding more and more value to an upscale home but choosing a suitable rug for your upscale home is also a major headache as there are several options available in the market and you’re supposed to choose the one that is suitable to the design of your home. In this article, we will share some helpful tips that will help you find the best rugs for your upscale Hampstons home.

So, if you’re confused about making a valuable selection, you must take a look at the tips we have collected after conducting some research. Here are tips that can help you choose the best rugs for your Hampston home to add more value to it.

Choose an area rug

There are several spots in your home where you can use an area rug to make your home look more beautiful but the problem with the area rugs is that there are lots of options available and you have to narrow down your approach according to your needs. Well, don’t worry because we can help you choose the best rugs for several spots in your home.

If you’re looking to choose an area rug for your living, we recommend that you must go for the Southwest Native American area rugs because it is the perfect option for an upscale Hampston home. Choosing a rug for the kitchen is also an art. You can take a look at several elements in your kitchen to choose the best area rug for your kitchen. The kitchen, cupboard and several other appliances may help in deciding that which rug is perfect for the kitchen.

Some people consider adding a rug under the dining table. You may also do the same by choosing the perfect color and size of the rug that may match the design of the dining table.

The patterned rugs

The patterned rugs may also be an excellent option for your Hampston home if you want to improve the beauty of your home. The selection of the perfect pattern is also a headache. You may take a look at several patterns on the internet to see what type of pattern may be the most suitable for your Hampston home.


Some people consider that the expensive rugs would add more value to their home. This concept cannot be correct in all the situations. Sometimes, you can even find a valuable rug at an affordable rate. So, you must focus on finding a valuable rug instead of looking for an expensive one. Click here and see some other tips on how can you find the perfect rugs for your upscale Hampston home.

DIY ways to get back in your house if you’re locked out

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Have you ever been locked out of your house?  I’m sure you have, as almost everybody forgets their keys at one point or another.  But how can you get back in?  Without having to call a locksmith, there are a couple tricks to try in order to get back in.  In this article, we’ll explore some DIY ways to allow you get access to the home after you’ve been locked out.

There are several factors which can lead you to be locked out of the house. For example, you may misplace the keys or even lock them inside the house. In order to gain entry into the home, you should employ different tactics. There are several workable tips which you can employ for you to gain entry into your home if you are locked out by any chance. The following are some of the methods you can use to gain entry into your home:

Look for unlocked windows

It is not common for you to leave your windows open. But, if it happens you had left one of your windows open, it will be the easiest way for you to gain entry into your home. You may have traveled and you return home late to discover you have an open window; it will be easy for you to reach for the window and open the home. Things will be very easy for you if you had left your spare keys in the house. Upon opening the window, you can just use the spare keys to open other doors.

Take off the doorknob

If you can access a screwdriver from your neighbor, you can apply it to remove the doorknob. Remember; if you remove your doorknob by any means, the door will open hence allowing you entry. After you remove the doorknob, you should look for ways of replacing it as soon as possible so that you can secure your home. You can just borrow the screwdriver from your neighbor so that you can apply it to gain entry into your home.

Remove the window pane

You can remove the window pane and gain entry into your home so that the following day you can look for ways of replacing the window pane says one prominent locksmith Gold Coast company. First, you need to hold the glass by your hand and remove the window pane. Always pay attention to the glass part because if it falls down, it will shatter exposing you to more losses.

Use a wire hanger to gain entry through the Garage Door

Look for any wire hanger you can access in the property. Bend the wire hanger to make a long rod-like wire which you can insert through the opening on top of your garage door. Reach for the garage door emergency release latch and pull open the garage door. If your home is connected to the garage, you can use the area to reach for other parts of your home.

Getting locked out of your house sucks, but with a little creativity, you can find your way back in.  So, the next time you misplace your keys, try one of the methods above and let us know how it goes in the comments!

What your sliding doors say about your home?

The sliding doors cover less space while providing you the perfect functionality. The feature was first introduced in the windows and it provided excellent performance there due to which most of the houses now have sliding windows installed in them. With the passage of time, this feature traveled to the doors and now it has become a very useful feature to be used in your home doors. Click here to find some important information about the sliding doors.

There are many homeowners that have already installed the sliding doors in their home and many are thinking to apply this change as soon as possible. There are many amazing benefits of sliding doors that’s why they’re becoming more popular. The sliding feature does not only help in improving the functionality of the doors but it also helps in making your home secure and beautiful.

So, you must consider adding this type of door to your home if you want to improve the overall beauty of your home. We recommend that if you ever decide to use the slide doors in your home, you must only take help from the experts because they are familiar with how to hang a sliding door in a perfect way. Here are the most interesting benefits that sliding doors can bring to your home.

Improved efficiency

The sliding doors help in improving the efficiency of your home as you can easily operate them without any trouble. Another benefit of these doors is that unlike other types of doors, they do not require a lot of space to open up. You can simply open them by sliding in a particular direction.

Latest technologies

The sliding doors are perfect for the latest technology. You do not need to go to the door to open it. All you need to do is pressing in your home and the door will automatically open up. There are some new technologies that are operated with the help of a mobile application. If you have returned home and want to park your car, there is no need to get out of the car to open the door. Simply, open the app on your mobile and open the door without any problem.

Less maintenance

The traditional doors require a lot of maintenance over the time as they cannot sustain different changes in the weather. The benefit of the sliding doors is that they have the ability to sustain all types of weathers and you’re not supposed to spend a lot of money on the maintenance of these doors. It means that the sliding doors are a long-term investment as they help in saving a lot of money in the long run. Click here and see why sliding doors are the right option to increase the beauty of your home.

Hampton Designer Showhouse Announced

The 2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse will be held in Water Mill this year at 80 Flying Point Road, and we are honored that Mabley Handler Interior Design has been asked to design the Dining Room in this year’s Showhouse.
This 6 bedroom 5 1/2 bathroom home is built by Grande Design Residential Inc. and sits on 2+ acres just south of the highway on the Water Mill/Southampton border, minutes from Flying Point Beach. The property is listed for $5.3 million by the Corcoranreal estate firm, and Vice President Emily Demone is the listing agent.
The Hampton Designer Showhouse is a benefit for Southampton Hospital, and each year 20-30 top designers each decorate a room in a house offered for sale in the Hamptons. This year’s Showhouse opens with a gala preview party on Saturday, July 21st, and will be open for viewing from Sunday, July 22nd through Labor Day, 11am to 5pm.

Happy 4th July

It’s a wonderful experience to be in the Hamptons for the Fourth of July…The weather is usually perfect, and there are amazing Independence Day parades to partake in (the Southampton Village parade is especially noteworthy, it’s the largest on Long Island, and it’s filled with all of the imagery that you would expect from an old fashioned town parade. And firetrucks…LOTS of firetrucks!).
Another thing we love about July 4th in the Hamptons is seeing all of the houses decked out in patriotic displays with flags, bunting, and red-white-and-blue details. We took a tour around the Hamptons and photographed some of the most charming houses and cottages ready to celebrate the Independence Day. We hope you enjoy…Happy July 4th, from the Hamptons!
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