Monday, July 13, 2009

A Man's Home is His Sandcastle

We were invited to a cocktail party last Saturday evening hosted by Joe & Kristen Farrell at their new home in Bridgehampton to welcome the interior designers participating in the 2009 Hampton Designer Showhouse. The Showhouse opens Saturday, July 25th with a lavish preview gala benefiting Southampton Hospital, and was built by Farrell Building Company.

But this party was to premier the Farrell's own personal show house, their brand new estate dubbed "Sandcastle," a 31,000 square foot, 9 bedroom 11.5 bathroom compound on 12 acres on Halsey Lane. Farrell Building is already known throughout the Hamptons for their traditional shingle-styled mega-mansions, and this house does more than just raise that bar...It moves it into a whole new stratosphere, prompting many people to wonder what place a house like this has in today's uncertain economic times with changing attitudes towards luxury.

Sandcastle is the Farrell's personal home - They moved in Memorial Day after an unprecedented 18-month build time that saw 100 tradesman working six days a week, practically around the clock towards the end of the project. The house has just about anything anyone could ever want in a house (and several things you wouldn't even think possible and/or practical). Along with the usual bells and whistles of a Hamptons mega-mansion, this luxury manor features a 2,800 square foot master bedroom suite with dressing area, walk-in-closets and sitting areas, a huge professional chef's kitchen with walk-in fridge, a walnut-paneled study, a spare bedroom bunk room that sleeps eight, a movie theater with a planetarium ceiling, a kids lower-level media room with 5 flat screen tv's, a virtual golf simulator, a model train room (one of the trains has a video camera mounted to the front, broadcasting onto a wall-mounted flat screen tv), a two-lane bowling alley with digital scoring machines, an indoor skateboarding half-pipe, a karaoke room with performance stage and changing room, a disco with full bar, a spa & sauna room with heated massage tables and a fireplace, a professional gym and racquetball/squash/basketball court, a 60' x 20' heated gunite pool with electric cover and underwater stereo system, a sunken tennis court, a soccer/lacrosse field, and last but not least, a two-floor, four bedroom pool house. I'm sure I'm leaving something out, and no, I'm not making any of this up!

We spoke with Joe and Kristen (who we met originally at last year's Hamptons Designer Showhouse), and they really seemed thrilled to be settled into their new home. Kristen spoke lovingly of all the special features they included for their three children, and Joe talked about how much work it was to coordinate all of the furnishings, design elements, and systems throughout the house. And, although they did work with noted decorator Kenneth Alpert, Joe picked out many of the furnishings himself.

Sandcastle is listed for sale at $59.5 million through Corcoran SVP Gary DePersia. But at a time when there is a glut of houses on the market in the Hamptons, and developers are having a hard time selling high-end spec houses, that price tag seems more than just a tad unrealistic. But then again, maybe that's the Farrells' intention...If they love their new house so much, perhaps they've priced it so that if actually does sell, it will be well worth their while to move, presumably onto something even bigger and better (if that's possible).

Is Sandcastle the ultimate Hamptons Dream House? Is it an extravagant example of real estate excess at a time when flagrant displays of wealth are being frowned upon? We'll leave that up for you to decide. Love it or hate it, we can practically guarantee that most people have never seen anything like it. And, P.S. - We are totally stealing the kids bunk room idea!

(Pictured below: House exterior front, house exterior back, main staircase, formal living room, dining room, study, master bedroom, master dressing room, girl's bedroom, girl's sitting room, boy's bedroom, kids bunk room, laundry room, skate ramp, bowling alley, model train room, spa & sauna, racquetball court, pool house, pool house interior)

UPDATE: Curbed Hamptons is reporting that the Farrell's have agreed to rent Sandcastle for two weeks in August at a price of $425,000, down from the original rental price of $500,000. I guess it's true, there really are bargains to be found in the Hamptons these days ;)


  1. ...a xenophobe's dream - no need to go anywhere else! Although, where's the yaght and the water?

  2. I don't know about the yacht, but the beach is only about a mile and a half away...However, since they plan to live there year-round, Joe has said that he didn't want to be right on the beach because it can be pretty desolate throughout the long winters out here.

  3. Five washing machines!!! Is it a Guiness book record?

  4. Actually, there are three washing machines and three dryers (six units total). However, I'm not even sure if that's a record for the Hamptons, let alone the world!

  5. maybe in my next life!

  6. This place serves as a hotel or high-priced mating grounds; not a home. Typical rich Americans.

  7. Love it! The bedrooms in particular are an absolute stand out. Nothing says luxury quite the way an abundance of space does. The chandeliers aren't bad either ;)

  8. This is crazy. who could actually live like this... I'd be exhausted just walking to the bathroom....


  10. A half hour away... how do I become a partner of the construction company? Lol

  11. How can children raised in such opulence ever live in the real world or have anything to which strive for themselves?


    1. thats an impressive house and get over yourself its their money and they can spend it as they wish and far as kids not striving for anything look aat all spoilt brats in the world not all of them are rich some are middleclass look at donald trump kids they grewup in opulence and still turned out well its about parenting not what you have materially